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  • A $2 Donation
    Will Help Feed a Hungry Child

    To be Doing Good is Man’s Most Glorious Tasks

  • Your Support Will Help Pull a Family
    Out of Poverty.

    Good deeds result in blessings.

  • Your Support Will Help Pull
    a Family Out of Poverty

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We are ACG Hands of Hope

We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established with the core goal of helping rural Louisiana communities living under the poverty line transition into better lives successfully by implementing a holistic approach in providing them with relief from the socio-economic problems the face including abandonment, hunger, natural disasters, and lack of family to members as well as providing a safe place to access community resources.

Help End Poverty

Let’s Save Louisiana Together.

2 out of every 10 Louisiana families are living in poverty, homeless, with little to no food or provisions.

Support The Kids.

They are our Tomorrow.

All children are out future. They all deserve our love. Join us to feed, teach, protect, and nurture children in Louisiana.

End Hunger

Together We Can

We will provide food relief to individuals, families, children, the elderly, and veterans to avoid hunger related health problems.

Urgent Cause

Helping Families Help Themselves.

We will enable those individuals and families who live in poverty to acquire jobs or start their own businesses so they can provide for themselves and their families. The program will provide assistance to youth, displaced workers, veterans, and immigrants to enter, remain and advance in the workplace by offering them career education, career training, resume writing assistance and job placements.


Taking Care of At-risk Kids

We will help kids in orphanages and foster homes while also considering kids from families living under the poverty line. So far, we have been organizing toys drives to provide toys to kids in orphanages and foster homes. To further enhance our impact on the kids in need, we will partner with various schools, foster homes, orphanages, governmental and private organizations/businesses.


Housing the Homeless

We will focus on individuals and families in rural Louisiana communities who are homeless. We will provide food, toiletries and resources. The items will be provided on rotation through partnerships with well-wishers, churches, businesses and organizations. These homeless people will also be provided with connections to organizations or government programs that have temporary housing.


About ACG Hands of Hope

What We Do

We take a holistic approach to solving the social and economic problems of rural Louisiana communities brought about by poverty by employing a collective impact approach which involves partnering with local businesses, nonprofits, foundations, government, churches, schools and individuals to align programs, initiatives and resources, and set shared goals. Our programs focus on helping children, men and women who are in dire need of support.

We exist to organize a positive, enriching environment which will lead to an improved quality of life for rural Louisiana communities that live below the poverty line. All our programs will be implemented by passionate and well-trained volunteers/staff, emphasize socio-economic development and change disadvantaged individuals from the inside out. We will focus on helping those who need relief from poverty, abandonment, hunger, natural disasters, and lack of family to members; and provide them with a thorough foundation for future success.

We have been engaging in diverse charitable activities including financial and in-kind support to a Baton Rouge shelter for men. In 2017, we provided dinner for thanksgiving. In Christmas 2017, we organized a Christmas toy drive for kids in foster homes and orphanages

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Louisiana's jobless rate falls again
even as payrolls shrink

Unemployment fell for the eighth straight month in Louisiana, even as payrolls again shrank in December. The jobless rate fell to 4.6 percent in December from 4.7 percent in November, as more people entered the labor force and more found jobs. Louisiana's unemployment rate was 6 percent a year ago.