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The most recent data from The Data Center Louisiana shows that 19% of Louisiana’s population lives in poverty. The federal poverty line varies between individuals ($11,490) and families ($23,550 for a family of four), leaving these households with limited resources. While this figure is daunting, it fails to capture many individuals and families who struggle to afford basic needs including housing, child care, health care, food and transportation.
There is also the struggle of an additional 23% of Southeast Louisiana households, comprised of hard-working tax payers who don’t fit the traditional idea of poverty given their employment status. These households live paycheck to paycheck, unable to save and often one health emergency, one car repair or one harsh storm away from poverty.

ACG Hands of Hope will lead the fight against poverty by helping:

  1. Rural Louisiana communities where a large percentage of families with children live below the federal poverty line.
  2. Children living in foster care and orphanages that have been abandoned.
  3. Families living in shelters due to lack of adequate housing
  4. Families with little to no food or other provisions to provide a balanced nutritional meal to household members.
  5. Families affected by natural disasters.
  6. Any individuals or families that need help through hard times.

ACG Hands of Hope was founded by Alvin Cain, a very successful real estate expert in Louisiana with over 10 years’ experience. Alvin, a South Louisiana native, has always been very passionate about helping the most underprivileged people living in poverty and despair. In an effort to help out, he has been supporting a men’s homeless shelter and also working with foster homes and orphanages to provide toys to the kids who live there.

Alvin owns ACG Realty, an award-winning real estate agency with numerous notable transactions to its name and he hopes that through ACG Hands of Hope, he will be able to positively impact the lives of those in rural Louisiana communities who live in poverty and are in dire need of support to achieve self-sufficiency and success in life.


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